School Fundraising Ideas to Engage Students and Their Families school fundraiser ideas

Thinking of school fundraising ideas can prove challenging as you’ll need to cater to the diverse needs and interests of both students and their families. We have shortlisted over 50 engaging ideas to help your school find the best event for your next fundraising initiative.

Through the use of school communication software like ParentSquare, your school can bring together all school-home communications among family members, teachers, staff and even the community. ParentSquare can help your fundraising efforts by providing a simple and fast way to send invites, get volunteers to sign-up for the event, organize donation sign-ups, accept ticket or donation payments, and share photos and videos after the event – all through the platform! 

1. Talent Show

A talent show can help students showcase their hidden talents, such as singing, dancing, and acting. It also builds confidence and can help students discover new things about themselves. When hosting a talent show, schools can use ParentSquare to: school fundraiser ideas

  • Sign up volunteers
  • Sell tickets
  • Manage performance spots
  • Create a calendar event

Here’s an example of the ParentSquare volunteer sign-up feature:

2. Student-Run Food Truck

Student-run food truck events can help raise funds while young entrepreneurs hone their skills in promoting their dishes.

3. Karaoke Event

Students, families, and staff can engage in a school-wide karaoke event with canteen-prepared small bites to complete the experience.

4. Car Wash

Combining attention-grabbing signage and dedicated volunteers makes car washes some of the most popular and practical fundraisers, especially during the summer.

5. School Fair

School fairs create a joy-filled atmosphere that promotes interactions, fun, and engagement that can have many donation opportunities through selling food and game tickets. A great example we’ve seen is an end-of-the-year fair named “The Best Party Ever.”

6. Craft Sales

Craft fundraisers can help raise the donations while promoting a passion for the arts.

7. Sports Tournament

Sports tournaments can unite students and their families through a shared love for their favorite game with donations being entry tickets, raffles, or food.

8. Bake Sale

Bake sales have also proven popular for many schools as students and their families can sell off their homemade goods, ideally with a theme (such as vegan snacks or festive cookies) to raise donations. When hosting a bake sale, schools can use ParentSquare to:

9. Standup Comedy Show

A standup comedy event can help participants reduce stress in a relaxing environment while showing support for the fundraising cause.

10. Concert Performance

Students can put together a concert that can raise donations through ticket sales and connect with students and families of all backgrounds.

11. Auction

A school auction can raise donations through items like travel packages, private skill-based lessons, and movie tickets.

12. Dance-a-Thon

You can raise donations through events like a dance-a-ton with a theme (for example, the sixties or disco fever) and a photo-taking booth commemorating the event.

13. Scratch-off Tickets

Scratch tickets can offer an innovative way for families to donate toward your school’s cause. Scratch cards present different values, where donors contribute based on the amount revealed.

14. Golf Tournament

Hosting a golf fundraising tournament allows parents and guardians to connect with schools while doing a fun activity. Schools can ask if the golf course would donate available times and then ask for donations to enter from parents and guardians.

15. Penny Drives

Organizing events like penny drives where donors can offload their pocket change or contribute the coins they have saved in their glass jar at home can help schools raise donations.

16. Art Exhibition

Your school can also try collecting entrance fees for a temporary art exhibition that curates student projects or the donated works of local artists.